The Swimmer | Polyester Barrier Jacket

Digital printed polyester barrier sleeve.

Custom made to fit your CCB.

Double sided with eyelets.

Premium gloss fabric.

For a quote please call us on 1800 781 814

Our solid polyester barrier jacket delivers a premium print result with very little show through. Brand managers looking for a a thicker polyester use these barrier sleeves.

Liquor marketers and trade show participants use this type of bicycle rack cover. The woven polyester has a thick and glossy texture. The result is a premium looking barrier jacket. The fabric is not stretchy so installation is either using cable ties or velcro.  Many clients prefer our stretch polyester CCB cover because of the perfect fit on a CCB.

We are phasing this barrier jacket out of our range because of improvements in the quality of the stretch polyester. It is still available to previous ordering customers.

Weight 15 kg