The Sprinter Polyester Mesh CCB Banner

Digital printed polyester
Single Sided Mesh Banners
Custom made to fit your CCB
Pack away to a small size
Simple to install and remove

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The Sprinter crowd control barrier banners are perfect for outdoor applications. The lightweight mesh allows wind to pass through the material easily ensuring that the barriers are not blown over in high winds.

The print quality on polyester mesh is very high and there is good show through from the printed side to the non-printed side. This makes the message on the front slightly visible from the reverse of the barrier banner.

  • the lightweight material is very easy to install and remove, especially when paired with our toggle ties.
  • wind easily passes through the banners so they are ideal at outdoor events.
  • these CCB banners are relatively cheap but quite durable.
  • they fold up to a very small size for storage making them ideal for travelling events.
  • the print quality and colour gamut are very good
  • they are recyclable via our Bannerloop program.

The Sprinter barrier covers are ideal for sporting events. Often found covering the crowd control barriers at triathlons, bicycle road races and marathons.  Many Australian councils also use this type of barrier cover for their event kits. Councils choose polyester mesh because of its ease of use and storage. Use The Archer instead when really long lengths of polyester mesh are required.

We don’t recommend this type of barrier for long term outdoor use. Printed polyester does not last as long as printed PVC vinyl or mesh. For longer term applications we recommend The Boxer PVC mesh barrier cover.

Installing barrier covers is very simple. Use toggle ties or cable ties to secure the CCB cover to the barrier. The angled top corners allow installers to follow the outside edges of the barrier.

  • not designed for long term outdoor use.
  • the fabric is strong but weakens over time.
  • the print will fade faster than PVC mesh.
  • the fabric has no in built structure so needs to be installed well to avoid sag.


Weight 0.6 kg