The Archer | Polyester Mesh CCB Banners

Digital printed polyester mesh

Designed to span multiple CCBs

Lightweight and easy to install

Recyclable via our Bannerloop program

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Sometimes events need to cover vast lengths of crowd control barriers – and that is where the Archer Polyester Mesh CCB Banners come in. The Archer is designed to cover up to 25m of barriers with a single banner – anything longer is hard to remove and store.  Polyester mesh allows wind to pass through easily.

Events that require long banners for CCBs include road races, triathlons, bicycle races and event queues. Polyester mesh is inexpensive and can be recycled via our Bannerloop program. The Archer can be paired with our reusable toggle ties for a zero waste event – from the signage perspective at least.

The Archer packs down to a small bundle and is ideal for transporting and storage for future events. We find many councils buy this type of banner for their event kits as they are easy for key stakeholders to install and pack up. Polyester mesh does not wrinkle so a perfect installation is virtually guaranteed. It is important to use as many eyelets as possible on the top edge to create a straight line and not allow the mesh to sag.

  • Long spans can  cover multiple CCBs.
  • Quick to install and remove, especially with toggle ties.
  • Packs down to a small size for storage and transport.
  • Wind passes through the banner very easily.
  • Very popular for council event kits to promote the council as a sponsor.
  • Recyclable via our Bannerloop program.

Polyester scrim banners display the logo on the reverse side thanks to good show through properties. Scrim is also available in taller sizes to cover temporary fences.

  • Not as strong as PVC mesh.
  • No inbuilt structure.
  • Dye sublimation is not recommended for long term outdoor installations.

For individual mesh CCB banners please visit The Sprinter.