The Boxer | Single Sided PVC Mesh Barrier Banner

Digital printed vinyl mesh.
Single sided | White reverse side.
Durable and inexpensive.
Custom made to fit your CCB.
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The Boxer is our basic level CCB cover. It is a single sided banner made from PVC mesh. For that reason it is very durable, especially when left on the CCB.

The Boxer CCB banner is used in many applications. It is relatively inexpensive against our other barrier covers so we make more of these than our other covers.

PVC mesh is a tough material. It is made of a polyester scrim coated with PVC. This makes it very difficult to penetrate. Our clients use this type of crowd control barrier cover for construction applications. It is simple to move the CCB around with the cover on it. The print on PVC mesh lasts much longer than on fabrics. The print life is around 2 years before it starts to fade. This type of barrier cover is also very effective for nightclub queues which are hardwearing situations.

There are a few draw backs to PVC CCB covers. If they are only single sided they will always have a white background with limited show-through from the front graphic to the back of the banner. Vinyl mesh CCB banners should be stored on a roll to prevent them creasing. The inks can scratch if moved frequently. This type of cover is not ideal for events that relocate frequently.

The Boxer can also be made into a double sided CCB jacket but as there is no flex in the material the corners and sides need to be open.

This CCB cover is installed with cable ties or toggle ties.

This product is not recyclable.

Weight 1 kg